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What is the simple definition of yoga?

The simple definition of yoga is "union" or "to connect". But what does it really mean? union to what?? It arise a lot of questions who are new to yoga or even to people who are involved in yoga for several years and still do not know the core meaning of Yoga.

So, To understand the "Yoga" completely, we need to lay "the foundation of understanding" first. I will try to make it simplest as possible.

Yoga comes from the Ancient Vedas (scriptures). So basing on Vedas, The totality of everything(everything) is Brahman. "Brah" means "to swell or to expand" and "man" is mind. Then, there is Atman. "At" means "core or essence" and "man" is mind , a bit different from the concept of modern understanding of "Soul". Every individual is an Atman but is not away or separate from the Brahman itself although Atman has its own consciousness thus believes and suffers for not realizing that it is the "essence" of Brahman or Brahman itself.

Lets put it Brahman as an Ocean and Atman as a drop of water. A "conscious" drop of water sees everything conscious around it and thinks it is separate from the surrounding. And Consciousness is also the properties or manifestation of Brahman. The illusion of separateness described as "Maya".

By not seeing the greatness of its own existence, one suffer. Now, yoga is an approach to dissolve or to connect an Atman to the Brahman. By doing so one comes to the harmony with the totality of surrounding or the universe.

I hope I explained is as a simple definition of yoga.

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