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About Us

We as a human species are going through really strange time for some time now. Not only Natural disasters are hugely affecting our life but we are also suffering from anxiety, depression, lack of energy, different types of mental disorders and so on, thus making a chaos within our-self and outside in our society resulting our existence a dull and a lifeless experience. 

Moksha means freedom, liberation or Nirvana.

I believe and I have experienced that there is a way out of all of these. I picked the tool, Buddhist healing beads, to liberate from all of these sufferings which had/has been very effective on ones life going though all of those pain and difficulties. Beads had/have been very important part of the Yoga, meditation and tradition of the eastern culture. 

Our bead bracelets, necklaces and prayer beads mala are blessed with Buddhist priest after performing 100000 light offering to the energies around our being. Thousands of mantras are chanted by priests on this ritual to bring life force into our prayer beads making it a effective healing tool.

Lastly, We make our products in the collaboration with women group who are working in this business for several years. Our goal is not only to bring rich tradition of east to the west but to empower those women by providing them a sustainable living.


| Namaste |

I am Adi-Yogi, the founder and the operator of Moksha beads and have been serving the community as a Healer for more than 5 years. My origin is Nepal and I was brought up in Buddhist and Hindu background where we seek for herbal/ homeopathy and energy healing before chemical medications. And I have seen the magic of the energy healing which i would like to share it to the world.